The evolution
The COVID-19 pandemic positively impacted the market as consumers turned more to online platform to overcome their financial, social, and psychological crisis during the lockouts. One of the research conducted by Lund University in Sweden found that due to restrictions on sporting events due to blockades, consumers increased their interest in online gambling platforms. Also, in response to the closure of many gambling establishments, several operators have gone digital. Many players expanded their online gambling offerings and bingo operators changed their online offerings, which positively impacted the market.In the medium term, online gambling is expected to be the fastest growing segment. Artificial intelligence, Chabot and machine learning have dominated the market. The increasing number of female population in casinos and the convenience of cashless payment mode during games have likely driven the online gambling market during the forecast period.

Taking all this information into consideration, Luck-to-earn has developed a betting system inside a blockchain, where we will bring our investors transparency and good financial returns. All thanks to the immutable technology and simple features for open auditing of the blockchain.Luck-to-earn's main features:
A decentralized lottery in blockchain for investors with anti-fraud, designed for high stability and global reach.
  • Project from the beginning seeking 100% transparency in all aspects;
  • Through the blockchain system, we will have an easy and open audit;
  • A game of chance for the people - owned by the people
  • All financial processes are based on algarithms, whose purpose is to enable and condition our investors with security;
  • No transaction fee when buying tickets;
  • Strong marketing resources, with weekly promotions;
  • Instant payouts
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